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Filler Flowers

When creating flower arrangements, filler flowers are used to fill in the spaces between bigger, more prominent flowers. They can also be used to create contrast with other elements of the arrangement, add more colors and textures, and contribute to the variety of a bouquet. Generally, flowers chosen for filler have small blossoms and grow in clusters. They frequently have long, thin stems, which make them easy to insert where needed in the arrangement. Filler flowers are often less expensive than the main flowers in the bouquet, and opting for an arrangement with more of them can be a good choice if you're on a budget.


Popular choices for filler flowers include, of course, baby's breath, which has large clusters of small white flowers; feverfew, a small white flower similar to a daisy with white petals and a yellow center; and pompon asters, which are small, round-shaped blossoms that come in a variety of colors. Queen Anne's lace, featuring distinctive clusters of small white flowers, can also be used. Wax flowers, which have small, delicate blossoms and foliage similar to pine needles, are also a popular choice, as is statice, a flower with clusters of papery blossoms that come in colors such as purple, pink and white.











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